Sociologist, Photographer, Film-maker

William Barylo (PhD) is a Sociologist and visual artist using pictures and film to explore issues around race, class, gender and belief through a decolonial and restorative perspective. He looks at how do grassroots organisations from minority backgrounds¬† cope in a society where they are at the margins, and how do they resist, heal and flourish despite systemic exclusion and lack of resources. Keen on developing practical solutions through his research findings, he co-creates visual content with community artists and activists. He has directed the documentary ‘Polish Muslims: an unexpected meeting‘. He has been published in the Times, the Conversation, the Middle East Eye, the Huffington Post UK and he is the author of ‘Young Muslim Change-Makers‘.

As a Research Fellow at the University of Warwick, his current action-research project ‘The Diaspora Strikes Back‘ has received a British Academy grant of ¬£366,000 and explores how Muslim millennials in Europe craft a fairer society through their cultural heritage, religious ethics, arts, the environment, social and economic justice and mental health.

William is a qualitative researcher whose research is based on long-term observations, interviews and international comparisons conducted since 2009 which allow to sense how the trends are evolving and where they might be going in the future.

He also works with businesses for creating nurturing work cultures, and equip young people with both practical and soft skills to navigate various contexts.